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At Si Satellite, we take the best communication companies and combines them into one package, giving you the opportunity to access communication, entertainment, and even educational services delivered right to your home.

Satellite television utilizes a global communication system that transmits data right to your home, giving you complete access to a wide range of channels whether they’re transmitted from your local station, or from halfway around the world. Never before has the world been so connected, and never before has there been such a great deal!

Bringing you the Best in Entertainment

Si Satellite provides the customer with access the best suppliers and the best services. Not only do you have access to the best, you will receive the best deals, best prices, and plenty of options to guarantee you the best possible experience.

Want to know more? Call us and see all the packages that we have available for you, from the most advanced, to the most basic, and the most economical if you happen to be on a tight budget.

Satellite Television Service

Satellite Television services are more than just a product that you buy; they’re an experience – an experience in global entertainment, information, and education. Take your pick! Not only that, they represent a freedom that you just couldn’t get with a standard television service or even cable! Access your favorite channels and shows anytime you want, and integrate all of your necessary services into a single, convenient package. Some of the benefits include:

1-.Huge Channel List
2-.Full HD Movies
3-.Live Sports
4-.International Channels
5-.Full DVD Functionality (STOP, PAUSE, FAST FORWARD, and REWIND in real time!)

Stream channels to any device in your home including your smartphone, tablet, or PC! The entertainment is in your hands!

Most of our Satellite TV packages include the most famous American channels as well as an extensive list of popular latin/spanish channels:

TV Caracol, Mega Tv, Sur Peru, Peru Magico, Ecuavisa, Ecuador TV, Centroamerica TV, Telefe, Tv Chile, Tv venezuela, TYC sports, Enlace, WAPA America, Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura, Univision Novelas, Univision Deportes, Espn deportes, Telecentro, Discovery en espanol, Discovery Familia, De Pelicula, Galavision, Nat Geo Mundo, ViendoMovies, Unimas, Mundo Fox, Canal Once, Azteca, Fox, HBO, TNT, Cinemax, ESPN, National Geographic, AMC, etc.

High speed Internet

Internet in your house is a necessity. It is your connection to the outside world whether you’re doing work, watching videos, or downloading files. You need access, there is absolutely no question about it! SiSatellite brings you into a community that provides not only amazing wireless internet services for your home, but also the ability to choose your speed. Enjoy popular features like video calls, online gaming, streaming videos, and even movie services like Netflix! Get connected, stay connected, and above all, have fun!

Exclusive Offers for Landlines

We know that landlines are still a necessity for homes. Not only is it cheaper than the average cellphone bill, it’s a reliable way to keep in contact with friends and family, even in an emergency. Having a telephone line at home is very useful for alarm service systems. Register today and choose a home phone bundle that meets your needs, whether it’s local calling, long distance, or international. The sky is the limit, and we’ll hook you up with suppliers that can bring you exactly what you need on one convenient package.

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